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Our mission: To empower non-techies to take control of their digital presence. We provide WordPress education, tutorials, and training resources that put users in the driver’s seat of their digital vehicle!

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Hi there and welcome to WPMasterclasses.com – we provide great video training courses on WordPress and digital business!

Why WPMasterclasses.com?

Most businesses today need an active digital presence. Having an online vehicle (e.g. a website or e-commerce store), however, is not enough unless you also have the keys to drive it.

Can you drive your online vehicle?

Most businesses are also run by non-techies. WordPress is an ideal platform for non-technical users to run and grow a digital presence.

In today’s highly competitive global economy, having basic digital skills to run your own website and grow your businesses online without depending on technical experts to get things done is essential for businesses to survive.

Imagine how much more you and everyone in your business could achieve if you knew how to execute your ideas quickly without requiring technical skills and getting things done at minimal cost.

WordPress lets you build almost anything online you can imagine without having t learn how to code or hire web developers. Having basic WordPress and digital business skills lets you communicate better with technical people  allows you to move forward quickly and capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities without waiting for other people to get things done.

WPMasterclasses.com - GoalsOur Mission

Our mission is to empower non-techies to get better results online by providing WordPress training and education that puts you in complete control of your digital presence.

We have been teaching, training, and educating businesses about WordPress almost since the beginning of WordPress itself.

We’ve also spent years developing a unique content training framework that helps you save time, save money, and get better results online with little to no technical skills required … and all at minimal cost!

To help us achieve our mission, we have developed WordPress education sites like WPCompendium.org that provide hundreds of detailed step-by-step tutorials on WordPress for non-techies … 100% FREE!

If you prefer to learn by watching videos, WPMasterclasses.com provides video training courses that cover just about everything you need to know. We’ll be adding new video courses to this site on a regular basis and our video lessons include links to extensive additional training, resources, and other tutorials.

We want to help you learn new digital skills and empower you to be in complete control of your digital presence.

You can purchase video courses individually to learn specific areas of using WordPress, such as how to install or configure a WordPress site, learn how to better manage, optimize, and protect your website from security threats, build and run a profitable e-commerce store to sell your products or services online, market your business online more effectively, and much more!

You can also buy an All Access Pass membership and get 24/7 access to ALL of our courses for a very low annual subscription … it’s completely up to you!

We Are A Product Of Our Products

We not only teach you how to build a WordPress website and how to use it, manage it and grow it at minimal cost with no coding or technical skills required, we’ve also built everything you see here at minimal cost with no web coding or technical skills … the same way we show you how to do it in our training!

We are not web developers or web designers and with WordPress you don’t have to be … just watch the videos and follow our detailed step-by-step tutorials and soon you too will be in the driver’s seat of your digital vehicle and in complete control of your digital business.

About Martin Aranovitch

Martin Aranovitch


I’m Martin Aranovitch and I am a WordPress educator and trainer.

I have been teaching, training, and educating people about the benefits and advantages of using WordPress to grow their business online almost since the beginning of WordPress itself.

WordPress started in May 2003. I started using WordPress in 2005 and soon began using WordPress to build websites and blogs for local businesses.

After a few years spent building sites for clients and for some of my own business ideas, I saw a need to educate and train non-technical businesses to take control of their online presence.

Around 2011, I began running local council and state government-sponsored WordPress education seminars and training workshops …

Martin Aranovitch - WordPress Business Training Seminars

(WordPress Training Seminars)

Since then, I’ve written a number of books and training guides about using WordPress and related digital topics …

Martin Aranovitch - Digital Business Guides

(WordPress & digital business guides)

I’ve also authored a  number of digital products, including software and online training courses …

Martin Aranovitch - Digital Product Creator

(Digital business products)

Since discovering WordPress, I’ve built hundreds of sites for clients and for my own online businessess. Here are some of the WordPress sites I currently own and manage:


WPCompendium.org - Hundreds Of Free WordPress Tutorials For Non-Techies!

(WPCompendium.org – Hundreds Of WordPress Tutorials For Non-Techies … 100% FREE!)

WPCompendium.org provides hundreds of detailed step-by-step WordPress tutorials for non-techies and beginners. This site attracts thousands of visitors and users every month from all around the world.

Although many sites offer free WordPress tutorials online, these are mostly run by technical users and the tutorials these sites offer are aimed mostly at a technical audience (e.g. web developers).

Although many sites offer WordPress tutorials, most are run by technical users and aimed at a technical audience (e.g. web developers). WPCompendium.org is a unique WordPress tutorials site because it has been entirely built by a ‘non-techie’ and runs at minimal cost to show other non-techies how to do the same.


WPMasterclasses.com - WordPress and Digital Business Video Courses

(WPMasterclasses.com – WordPress and Digital Business Video Courses)

WPMasterclasses.com provides dozens of video courses and 1,500+ video tutorials on WordPress and digital business.

Most video lessons include links to relevant detailed step-by-step tutorials (on WPCompendium.org), with downloadable files, templates, guides, and additional resources for more information.

WPTraining Manual.com

WPTrainingManual.com provides WordPress learning, teaching & training resources for non-techies & digital service providers.

Our Complete Step-By-Step WordPress User Manual contains 500+ pages of searchable and downloadable checklists, cheatsheets, tables, and flowcharts on how to use a WordPress site.


WPServicesDirectory.com - WordPress Services Directory

(WPServicesDirectory.com – WordPress Services Directory)

WPServicesDirectory.com provides businesses that need help with WordPress with access to WordPress experts and professional WordPress services.


As you can see, I am a huge fan of WordPress!

What I love most about using WordPress is that it allows a non-techie like me to build a business online without having to learn how to code and to run it at minimal cost without depending on others and waiting around to get things done.

I am passionate about training and empowering people to learn about the benefits and advantages of using WordPress, and I enjoy sharing with other businesses many of the time-saving and cost-effective methods and strategies for getting better results online that I have learned over the years.

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I look forward to being part of your learning journey.

Martin Aranovitch

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