How To Build A Sales Scripts Tool


Learn how to create a highly effective sales scripts tool that will improve your sales call results using MS PowerPoint or similar software.

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How To Build A Sales Scripts Tool -

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Number of Lessons: 24

Course Duration: 5 hours 10 minutes

Course ID: WPMC-0051

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How To Build A Sales Scripts Tool

How To Build A Sales Scripts Tool - WPMasterclasses.comA sales scripts tool helps train salespeople to better qualify prospects, train phone operators to fully interact and engage with new and existing customers, and allows anyone in your team making or answering calls to deliver high-quality responses to all questions, concerns, objections, and inquiries directed to your business, products, or services.

This course will show you how to build a highly effective sales scripts tool using MS PowerPoint (or similar slide presentation software). The course includes detailed video tutorials, a sales scripts tool template that can be easily customized for your business and comprehensive training documentation with written ‘step-by-step’ instructions, flowcharts, diagrams, and screenshots to guide you through the entire process of building a sales scripts tool for your business.

Bookings for our electrical contracting business have always dropped significantly after the busy season. We created a simple, but effective sales scripts tool for our business. We then trained Amy, a newly hired staff member how to use it. On her first day of making sales calls, Amy got seven confirmed appointments out of eleven contacted calls. Four of these appointments have already turned into new clients who are now sending us regular work.

Andrew A., Mr. A. Electrics, QLD, Australia

I have been very impressed so far, I am midway through the videos and see how this will benefit myself with the calls I make every day and how down the road I can use this system to build a sales team.

Tony Wardell, Independent Broker, Target Health Insurance

Benefits Of Using A Sales Scripts Tool

  • Turn anyone in your team into a “cold-calling” sales professional, even if they have no previous phone selling experience.
  • Convert more sales calls into sales appointments and sales opportunities.
  • Train new salespeople in your organization quickly and efficiently to close more sales and get more orders.
  • Educate your prospects and customers better about the benefits of your products and services.
  • Improve the quality of your outbound and inbound sales calls.
  • Free up more of your valuable time and resources.

Note: You will need MS PowerPoint (or a similar slide presentation tool) to complete this course.

Build A Sales Scripts Tool – Course Content

This course consists of video lessons and downloadable PDF guides, plus templates and additional resources.

Module 1 – Introduction And Overview

Introduction and overview of the Sales Scripts Tool training course. Learn why you should use a sales scripts tool and how it can help improve your sales results. This module also includes an outline of the steps involved in building the sales tool shown in the training course.

Video – Overview Of The Sales Scripts Tool (4:32)

Module 2 – Designing The Experience

This module shows you how to visualize and design what your prospects will experience as they move through your sales call process.

Module 3 – Flowcharting The Process

This module covers the process of flowcharting your sales call process. This will help create a positive experience for your sales callers by making the sales call process consistent and improving the quality of their calls and interactions.

Video – Flowcharting The Initial Sales Call Process (15:38)

Module 4 – Overview Of Sales Scripts Tool Slides

This module covers the different types of sales scripts tool slides you will be creating. It will also help you understand the function of different sections and slides of your sales scripts tool.

Module 5 – How To Create Sales Scripts Tool Slides

This module shows you how to create individual scripts tool slides using MS PowerPoint and the downloadable sales scripts tool template supplied. You will also learn how to combine these slides into a powerful tool that you can use to effectively train others to make more effective sales calls for your business.

Video – How To Use The Sales Scripts Tool Template (7:24)

Video – How To Create Your Scripts Tool Master Slide (11:51)

Video – How To Create Menu Buttons (10:10)

Video – How To Add New Script Slides To Your Sales Scripts Tool (16:27)

Video – How To Create Menu Slides (9:20)

Module 6 – Scripting Your Responses

In this module, you will learn how to figure out what you are going to say on the phone to help your prospects move forward through your sales process, how to document your sales call invitations and scripted responses to give your conversations a more natural and authentic feel, and how to communicate as effectively as possible with prospects over the telephone.

Video – How To Create The Initial Sales Call Script Slide (13:20)

Video – How To Create The “Interested But Busy” Script Slide (6:26)

Video – How To Create The “No Is Not Never” Script Slide (17:48)

Video – How To Create The “Send Information” Script Slide (10:41)

Video – Creating Additional Responses Slides (12:41)

Video – Creating The Call Back Call Scripts Slides (12:46)

Video – Creating Additional Follow-Up Calls Scripts Slides (22:03)

Video – Creating Reference Slides For Your Sales Scripts Tool (9:09)

Video – Creating An Inbound Sales Scripts Tool (22:32)

Video – Creating Training Information Slides (14:30)

Module 7 – Tips & Tricks For Improving Your Sales Scripts Tool

In this module, you will learn tips and tricks to make navigating through the slides and accessing the information in your sales scripts tool easier and faster.

Video – Creating Menu Buttons (10:10)

Module 8 – Building Your Prototype Sales Scripts Tool

In this module, you will learn how to build, test and improve your sales scripts tool “prototype” before making the tool available for distribution to other members of your sales team, or turning it into a software application.

Video – Adding New Script Slides To Your Sales Scripts Tool (16:27)

Video – Testing Your Sales Scripts Tool (3:24)

Video – Preparing Your Sales Scripts Tool For Internal Use (5:29)

Module 9 – Setting Initial Benchmarks

In this module, you will learn how to set initial benchmarks for your sales scripts tool to measure your sales call performance. This module also includes lead generation tips that will help improve your sales call results.

Module 10 – Training Your Sales Callers

A sales scripts tool is only effective if other users can duplicate your results. This module shows you how to leverage your sales efforts and results by training others to use your sales scripts tool.

Video – How To Make Calls Using The Sales Scripts Tool (12:40)

Module 11 – Implementing The System

Learn what to do after you start making sales calls with live prospects and generating some initial data using your sales scripts tool. In this module, we also look at what a ‘selling system’ is and the fundamental mistake many businesses make in their sales process which, if corrected, can really send your sales conversions through the roof.

Module 12 – Measuring Your Results

This module covers a number of key points to keep in mind when measuring the effectiveness of your sales calling results.

Module 13 – Improving The System

This module shows you how to identify, diagnose, and correct problems in your sales calling system if calls are not meeting your targets and benchmarks.

Module 14 – Improving Your Results

Learn how to fine-tune your sales calling system to ensure that your sales calls generate positive and improved results consistently over time.

Module 15 – Course Downloads & Additional Resources

This section contains links to all downloadable files and documentation, video tutorials, and additional resources.

Module 16 – Download The Complete PDF Training Course

The complete training course can be downloaded as a PDF (184 pages). This file includes all training tutorials, links to downloadable templates, video tutorials, and more!

Effective Cold Calling

Learn how to increase your sales by picking up the phone. After completing this video training module you will know how to effectively use cold-calling for your business.

01 – Overview Of Module

This short video explains what this training module covers. (0:38)

02 – Researching Companies & Decision Makers

This video covers how to research companies to identify decision makers.(9:08)

03 – Call Scripting Strategies

This video covers some vital call scripting strategies.(18:54)

04 – Hiring And Outsourcing Outbound Callers

This video covers hiring or outsourcing for your cold-calling operations. (11:49)

Course Duration: 5 hours 10 minutes


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