How To Use cPanel


Learn how to use cPanel to easily manage your webhosting and email accounts.

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How To Use cPanel - Video Course

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Course Duration: 3 hours 39 minutes

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How To Use cPanel

Although your web hosting company normally looks after the technical aspects of managing your web server, knowing how to access your web hosting account and how to do some basic things inside your web server can be very useful. If your business comprises of non-techies, managing your website on a web server with the cPanel software installed is easier and less risky (i.e. if your website developer is not available, you can still access management features of your hosting).

cPanel is a powerful and easy-to-use web hosting management software application that gives website owners the ability to quickly and easily access and manage their web servers and websites using a simple and intuitive dashboard to perform useful tasks inside your web server, like setting up and configuring email addresses and email forwarders, park a domain (send traffic from one domain name to another), install WordPress and other scripts, download files from your server to your computer, and much more.

This video course will teach you how to use cPanel to manage your webhosting and email accounts. Video lessons also include links to tutorials that show you how to register and set up domain names inside your server, how to choose a reliable hosting company, and more!

Course Content

Learn how to use cPanel to manage your web hosting and email account.

Module 1: Using cPanel

The video tutorials in this module show you how to use the cPanel application.

1 – Introduction to cPanel

This video provides an introduction to cPanel and an overview of its main features. (5:47)

2 – Benefits Of Using cPanel

Learn about the main benefits of using cPanel. (1:35)

3 – Overview Of cPanel Video Tutorials

This video explains what is covered in the cPanel video tutorials. (2:02)

4 – How To Access cPanel

Learn how to access cPanel from your web browser. (3:17)

5 – How To Change Your cPanel Password

Learn how to change your cPanel password. (2:14)

6 – How To Change Your cPanel Contact Info

Learn how to change your cPanel contact info. (1:53)

7 – cPanel: Home Screen

This video explains what features are available inside your cPanel home screen area. (0:52)

8 – cPanel: Preferences

This video explains how to use the cPanel preferences panel and introduces you to each of its main features. (4:42)

9 – cPanel: Mail Section

Learn how to use the mail section in cPanel. (7:45)

10 – cPanel: Email Forwarders

Learn how to set up email forwarding in cPanel. (2:11)

11 – cPanel: Email Filters

Learn how to set up email filtering in cPanel for organizing and accessing your email online. (7:28)

12 – cPanel: Accessing Webmail

Learn how to access your webmail client in cPanel. (2:51)

13 – Spoof Emails

This video explains what a “spoof” email is. (3:02)

14 – How To Enable SPF Email Authentication

Learn how to enable SPF Email Authentication on your server to help prevent email spoofing. (6:33)

15 – cPanel: Files Section

Learn about the files section in cPanel and its different functions and features. (7:58)

16 – cPanel: Logs Section

Learn how to access and use the logs section in cPanel. (5:19)

17 – cPanel: Security Section

Learn how to access and use the security section in cPanel. (8:28)

18 – How To Password-Protect Folders

Learn how to create a password-protected folder or directory in cPanel. (2:56)

19 – cPanel: Domains Section

Learn how to access and use the domains section in cPanel. (7:27)

20 – Parked Domains, Addons & Sub Domains

This video explains the difference between parked domains, addon domains, and subdomains. (2:44)

21 – How To Create Addons & Sub Domains

Learn how to create add-on domains and subdomains in cPanel. (5:22)

22 – cPanel: Databases Section

Learn how to access and use the database section in cPanel. (5:50)

23 – How To Create A MySQL Database

Learn how to create a MySQL database in cPanel. (6:47)

24 – cPanel: Software And Services Section

Learn how to access and use the software and services section in cPanel. (5:44)

25 – cPanel: Advanced Section

Learn how to access and use the advanced section of your cPanel account. (7:42)

26 – Cron Jobs

Learn what cron jobs are and how to create cron jobs in cPanel. (4:32)

27 – Custom Error Pages

Learn how to create custom error pages in cPanel. (5:36)

28 – Wrap Up Of cPanel Features

This video provides a ‘wrap up” of the features covered in the cPanel video tutorials. (6:04)

Module 2: Using cPanel Core Features

The videos in this training module dive further into the core features of cPanel. and how to use these to improve your business.

1 – Overview Of cPanel Video Course

This video provides an overview of what this course covers. (6:20)

2 – cPanel Help: Video Tutorials Feature

cPanel provides its own extensive help, knowledgebase and documentation section. In this video, you will learn how to access these resources, including cPanel’s own video tutorials and how to change the layout and design of your control panel area. (7:58)

3 – How To Create & Add Data To A MySQL Database

Learn how to create, insert, and edit data in a MySQL database. (8:01)

4 – How To Use Awstats

Learn how to use the web stats software inside cPanel to analyze and understand what is happening on your website and how to apply this data to your business. (6:55)

5 – What Is Softaculous

This video provides an overview of the Softaculous software installation script that is available in most servers with cPanel installed. (6:11)

6 – How To Set Up Error And Redirect Pages

Learn how to set up an error and a redirect page on your server to prevent visitors arriving on ‘no found’ pages on your website. (4:22)

7 – How To Use File Manager Effectively

Learn how to upload files including zip files, media files (e.g. videos) and more to your web server using cPanel’s bult-in file manager tool. (7:08)

8 – Email Authentication

Learn how to prevent people like spammers from abusing your email address by instructing cPanel to authenticate all emails coming from your domain as being legitimate emails. (3:55)

9 – Using SPF To Protect Your Emails From Spammers

Learn how to turn on SPF (Sender Policy Framework) to prevent spammers from sending out thousands of spam emails using your email addresses. (4:18)

10 – How To Backup And Restore Your Website

Learn how to back up and restore your website from within cPanel. (6:42)

11 – How To Copy A mySQL Database Using PHPMyAdmin

Sometimes scripts may not have a backup feature where you can copy one database from one domain to another. This video shows you how to copy a mySql database to another domain name. (5:37)

12 – How To Protect Downloadable Content By Disabling Indexes

Learn how to protect downloadable files on your website from being stolen by turning directory indexes off to prevent people from snooping around in your site’s folders. (2:25)

13How To Create A Cronjob

Cronjobs are used to automate different tasks when certain scripts you have installed on your site require it. This video will show you how to set up and use cronjobs on your server. (3:41)

14 – How To Block An IP Address

Hackers will constantly look for ways to access your server. In this video, you will learn how to block IP addresses on your server to prevent people from accessing your domains. (3:12)

15 – How Transfer Files Between Different Servers

Did you know that you can move files from one server to another without having to download the files to your computer and then upload them to the new server? In this video, you will learn how to use acPanel feature that allows you to move all your files, including emails and databases over to the new server with the click of a few buttons. (3:51)

Course Duration: 3 hours 39 minutes


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