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Learn different ways to make money online and profitable online business models.

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Make Money Online

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Number of Lessons: 48

Course Duration: 4 hours 40 minutes

Course ID: WPMC-0049

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Make Money Online

This video course focuses on different ways to make money online and profitable online business models.

Course Content

Module 1 – Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

This training module covers the fundamentals of making money online with affiliate marketing.

1 – Choosing An Affiliate Marketplace

This video focuses on leveraging the power of popular platforms and marketplaces to grow your affiliate business and make more affiliate sales. (5:45)

2 – Choosing An Affiliate Product

There are literally thousands of products you can promote as an affiliate. This video will help you find the right affiliate products to promote that will deliver you the best results. (5:47)

3 – Affiliate Traffic Method

This video covers an effective method to drive traffic to your affiliate offers. (5:14)

4 – Implementing Your Affiliate Plan

This video will help you effectively implement your affiliate battle plan to start generating sales and affiliate commissions. (2:03)

Module 2: Super Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you promote other people’s products or services and earn sales commissions on your referrals. This training module not only covers the basics of affiliate marketing, but also the mindset you will need to become a super affiliate marketer.

1 – Super Affiliate Mindset Secrets

Super affiliates apply a systematic approach to build a highly profitable online business promoting other people’s products. This video explains the mindset of a super affiliate marketer. (8:37)

2 – How To Identify A Profitable Niche

This video shows you ways to spy on your competition and tools you can use to quickly decide whether a niche is profitable for not. You will also learn the top 3 profitable niches that you can never go wrong in. (8:02)

3 – How To Pick Highly Profitable Affiliate Programs

Learn a little-known method to uncover rare affiliate programs with high percentage / high price payouts, how to quickly decide if a product is worth promoting or not before putting in time and effort, and popular places to find great products to promote for sizeable commissions. (8:26)

4 – Residual Affiliate Profit Funnel

This video shows you a tried and tested model you can build from scratch and with little to no technical knowledge to drive targeted leads, convert 20-40% of visitors into prospects, and maximize sales for the one-time effort you put into driving traffic.

You will also learn how to ‘test the water’ and quickly measure the conversions of a merchant site before promoting their products, how to back-end your affiliate profits, and how to revive your prospect list even if they don’t buy the affiliate product you recommend. (8:39)

5 – Super Affiliate Traffic Methods

In this video, you will learn how to generate consistent traffic to your affiliate pages using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and easy Search Engine Optimization. (9:35)

Module 3 – Make Money Online With Arbitrage

The videos in this training module explain what ‘Arbitrage’ is, how it works, and how to make money with arbitrage.

1 – Arbitrage Overview

This video provides an overview of what arbitrage is and what will be covered in the videos in this module. (6:27)

2 – Physical Products Arbitrage

Learn what ‘Physical Products Arbitrage’ is and how to do it. (6:32)

3 – Digital Products Arbitrage

This video shows you how to do arbitrage with digital products. (9:07)

4 – How To Leverage Online Marketplaces

Learn where the best marketplaces to practice arbitrage are. (4:28)

5 – Working With Etsy And Storenvy

This video shows you how to do arbitrage on Etsy and Storenvy. (7:47)

6 – Working With eBay

This video shows you how to do arbitrage on eBay. (4:34)

7 – Finding Products To Sell Online

This video shows you efficient ways to find profitable products to sell online. (6:19)

8 – How To Set Up Your eBay Account

This video shows you how to create and set up an eBay account. (4:27)

9 – Preparing Your eBay Seller Account

This video shows you how to prepare your eBay seller account to maximize your sales and avoid mistakes that can end up costing you a lot of time and money. (2:46)

10 – Setting eBay Seller Preferences

This video shows you how to set up your eBay seller preferences. (7:59)

11 – How To Create An eBay Listing

This video shows you how to create a listing on eBay and put your first product for sale. (11:47)

12 – Overview Of Gearbubble

This video introduces you to Gearbubble, a popular website platform that lets you build an online business and generate an online income from creating and selling designs on different types of products like coffee mugs, t-shirts, necklaces, and more. (16:46)

13 – How To Use Gearbubble

This video shows you how to promote and sell your designs on Gear Bubble. (10:26)

Module 4 – Make Money Online With Website Flipping

This module will show you how to profit from ‘website flipping’, which is buying, improving and selling websites.

1 – Website Flipping For Profits: Overview

This video shows you what you need to do to make your websites ‘flippable,’ how to create an exit strategy before building your sites, and mistakes to avoid when flipping websites for profit. (8:52)

2 – How To Buy Low And Sell High

The fastest way to have a website for sale is to buy one. This video shows you how to buy low to sell high and reap high-profit margins, allowing you to create a sustainable website flipping business. (8:33)

3 – How To Build A Site For Profits

Learn how to create websites from scratch with little cost designed from the outset to be sellable and profitable. (8:46)

4 – How To Add Value To Virtual Real Estate

Learn the key criteria and requirements website buyers look for before deciding if a website is worth buying and how to add value to your website with minimum effort, time, and cost on your part. (9:28)

5 – Where To Auction Your Sites

Learn where buyers go to buy websites and the online marketplaces where you can flip or auction your sites. (9:22)

Module 5 – Make Money Online With e-Learning Courses

This training module will help you understand why e-learning is one of the most profitable growth industries of the Digital Age and show you how to incorporate online learning methods into your current business model. After completing this training module, you will know how to leverage e-learning effectively to empower your customers as well as generate leads and revenue for your business.

1 – Overview

This video provides an overview of the topics covered in this training module. (0:39)

2 – Creating A Video Course

This video focuses on creating a video-based e-learning course for your business. (6:17)

3 – Uploading And Creating Your Course

Learn how to create and upload your e-course so users can access your courses and content online. (22:15)

4 – Monetizing And Managing Your Courses

This video walks you through the process of monetizing and managing the e-courses you have created. (9:03)

Module 6 – Make Money Online With Freelancing

This training module covers the fundamentals of making money online as a freelancer.

1 – Introduction To Freelancing

This video provides an introduction to the benefits of freelancing and the best types of freelancing opportunities. (4:17)

2 – Where To Find Clients

Learn how to leverage your time and efforts using freelance platforms and marketplaces to find new clients for your freelance services. (5:02)

3 – Getting Hired As A Freelancer

This video explains what to do to start getting hired as a freelancer on a regular basis. (4:15)

Module 7 – Make Money Online With Internet Marketing

This training module will help you understand the basics of making money online with internet marketing.

1 – Internet Marketing Overview

This video discusses what ‘Internet Marketing’ means and the opportunities available to make money online as an internet marketer. (3:44)

2 – Internet Marketing Methods

Learn about different internet marketing methods and the benefits and advantages of each type. (10:43)

3 – Internet Lead Generation

This video provides an overview of different lead generation methods you can use to drive traffic as an internet marketer. (4:59)

4 – Internet Marketing Tools

Learn about the tools you will need to use and become proficient in to become an effective and successful digital marketer. (2:27)

Course Duration: 4 hours 40 minutes


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