How To Set Up A Forum On WordPress


Learn how to set up a forum for your visitors, prospects, customers, members, or affiliates using WordPress.

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How To Set Up A WordPress Forum

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Number of Lessons: 13

Course Duration: 56 minutes

Course ID: WPMC-0024

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How To Set Up A Forum On WordPress

Adding a forum to your digital presence can be a powerful way to engage your visitors, prospects, customers, members, or affiliates. This video series takes you step-by-step through the process of setting up a forum using WordPress with examples of how different forums can be set up.

Course Content

Module 1: WordPress Forum Setup

Learn how to set up a forum using WordPress.

1 – What Is A Forum

Learn what a forum is and how it can benefit you and your WordPress site visitors. (3:04)

2 – Different Forum Applications

This video covers different kinds of forum applications. (5:10)

3 – How To Install bbPress

Learn how to install a forum on WordPress with bbPress and configure basic forum settings. (3:34)

4 – How To Convert Other Forums Into bbPress

This video shows you how to convert or import an existing forum created in a different application into bbPress. (5:51)

5 – Forum Structure

Learn about the basic structure of a bbPress forum. (3:32)

6 – How To Create Forums

In this video, we begin to build out our forum with features like breadcrumbs, slugs, shortcodes, and more! (5:54)

7 – How To Create Categories

Learn how to organize related forums using categories. (4:55)

8 – How To Customize Category Display

Learn how to customize the way forums display within categories. (3:25)

9 – How To Create Sticky Topics

This video shows you how to add topics and sticky topics to forums. (4:03)

10 – How To Create A Registration Page

Learn how to allow users to register and gain access to your forums automatically. (5:52)

11 – How To Customize Forum Search Boxes

Learn how to customize the placement and look of forum search boxes. (5:52)

12 – How To Create A Password Reset Page

Learn how to create a lost forum password retrieval page and add its link to the sidebar. (2:29)

13 – How To Prevent Forum Spam

Learn how to prevent or minimize spam on your forum. (5:58)

Course Duration: 56 minutes


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