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Learn how to use the WordPress Gutenberg editor with this video course.

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About This Course

Number of Lessons: 9

Course Duration: 1 hour, 7 minutes

Course ID: WPMC-0058

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WordPress Gutenberg

With the release of version 5.0, WordPress introduced a completely different way to create content on the WordPress platform using a new content editor called WordPress Gutenberg.

With Gutenberg, WordPress is moving toward being a platform that encourages and allows non-technical users to transform their web presence into everything they want.

Course Content

In this video course, you will learn how to use the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Module 1 – WordPress Gutenberg Basics

This training module covers the basics of using the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

1 – Introduction To WordPress Gutenberg

This video provides an introduction to WordPress Gutenberg and the pros and cons of using the Gutenber editor. (3:27)

2 – User Interface Overview

This video provides an overview of the Gutenberg user interface. (5:16)

3 – Different Blocks

This video will help you understand the different types of blocks you can use in the Gutenberg editor. (15:42)

4 – Block Sidebar

This video covers the right-hand sidebar features and elements contained in Gutenberg blocks. (6:46)

5 – Common Blocks

This video covers common type of blocks available in the Gutenberg editor. (8:32)

6 – Formatting Blocks

This video covers WordPress Gutenberg formatting blocks. (7:21)

7 – Layout Elements

Learn about using WordPress Gutenberg layout elements like buttons, columns, media, text, page breaks, separators, spaces, and more. (3:56)

8 – Classic Editor

If you’re not ready to use the Gutenberg editor, you can disable it and revert to the old classic WordPress editor. This video shows you how. (4:22)

9 – Additional Editor Options

This video covers additional Gutenberg editor options. (11:20)

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