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Learn how to keep your WordPress site or blog secure and protected from malware, hackers and brute-force attacks.

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WordPress Security - Video Course

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Number of Lessons: 81

Course Duration: 4 hours 11 minutes

Course ID: WPMC-0011

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WordPress Security

This WordPress security video course walks you step-by-step through the process of installing, securing, and protecting your WordPress site.


Module 1 – WordPress Security

These videos show you how to add layers of security to your WordPress site:

1 – WordPress Backups

This video explains why automatic site backups are not always the best option and shows you a foolproof method to back up your WordPress site. (8:40)

2 – Computer Security

Learn how to secure your computer against viruses and malicious software that can harm your WordPress site. (2:41)

3 – Secure WordPress Installation

This video shows you the security methods you need to have in place while installing WordPress. (5:05)

4 – Remove User Id #1

This video explains why removing the User ID #1 slot in the WordPress admin section is important and shows you how to do this. (5:14)

5 – Hide Admin Username

This video shows you how to quickly and easily block hackers from seeing admin usernames on your WordPress site. (5:04)

6 – Hide All Usernames

This video shows you how to mask the usernames of all admins and authors on your WordPress site. (7:08)

7 – Change WP Database Prefix (Method 1)

This video shows you the quickest method of changing the prefix name in your WordPress database after installation to keep your database secure. (5:51)

8 – Change WP Database Prefix (Method 2)

This video demystifies the use of SQL commands and shows you how to easily change all the database table prefix names in your WordPress installation. (4:57)

9 – Change WordPress Security Keys

This video shows you how to add or change your WordPress security keys (salts). (2:33)

10 – Secure wp-config.php File

This video shows you how to prevent hackers from accessing your wp-config.php file. (2:52)

11 – Secure Webhosting

This video explains what to look for when purchasing webhosting for your website to make sure that your webhosting account is secure. (4:02)

12 – Customize Login Error Message

Learn how to customize your login error message to add a layer of security and protection from hackers. (2:53)

13 – Prevent Brute Force Attacks (Method 1)

This video shows you a commonly used way to prevent brute force attacks and why this is not always the best method to use. (4:14)

14 – Prevent Brute Force Attacks (Method 2)

This video shows you a secure method to prevent brute force attacks on your WordPress site and how to tell if you are using an outdated method. (4:00)

15 – Prevent Brute Force Attacks (Method 3)

This video shows you two more ways to prevent brute force attacks that you can integrate with other brute-force prevention methods to increase WordPress security. (5:41)

16 – Hide WordPress Version Number

This method provides much-needed WordPress site security and protection … especially if you forget to keep your sites regularly updated. (4:03)

17 – Site Activity Monitoring

This video shows you how to keep your site secure when allowing others access to sensitive areas of your administration section. (5:42)

18 – Has Your Site Been Hacked?

Learn about tools you can use to check if your WordPress site’s security or files have been compromised. (3:01)

19 – Hacked Site – Basic Cleanup

Learn about different ways to clean up a compromised WordPress site. (3:34)

20 – Hacked Site – Actions After Cleanup

This video shows you different ways to alert Google after a hack attempt that your site is restored, clean, and ready to be re-listed or re-indexed. (2:30)

Module 2 – WordPress Security

These videos provide additional information on securing WordPress sites.

  1. More Secure Manual Install [includes Written Steps] (10:24)
  2. More Secure 1-Click Install (6:41)
  3. Secure FTP (3:22)
  4. Secure WP-Config.php [includes Copy & Paste Code] (5:31)
  5. Secure Admin Username (3:27)
  6. Secure Webhosting (6:20)
  7. More Secure Passwords (2:20)
  8. Secure Database Prefix (6:56)
  9. Secure Cleanup [includes Copy & Paste Code] (6:40)
  10. Configure iThemes Security (formally BWS) Plugin (7:25)
  11. Prevent Brute Force Attacks (5:40)
  12. Full Manual Backup & Restore (6:15)

Module 3 – WordPress Security Basics

These videos show you how to secure and protect your computer, server, and WordPress site from hackers and malware attacks:

1 – Protect Your Computer [Antivirus and Anti-Spyware – Avast and Webroot]

Protecting your computer is the first line of defense because malware and viruses in your computer and files could enter the WordPress files that you upload to your site. Malware is often injected via scripts into your code without your knowledge. (4:07)

2 – Web Server Vulnerabilities

This area is often overlooked. If your web hosting company does not update their software frequently to meet WordPress requirements, potential backdoors and security breaches can happen. (3:58)

3 – WP Database Backups

Backing up your WordPress Database is crucial before doing any updates or changes to your site. This video shows you how to backup your WordPress database. (3:22)

4 – Secure File & Directory Permissions

Understanding how file and directory permissions can impact WordPress security is important. In this video, you’ll learn how to change permissions of files and folders correctly. (9:57)

5 – Update All Software

Updating WordPress software is one of the first lines of defense. However, updating your software can be challenging, depending on your web hosting setup. This video explains what could happen during this process and how to combat it. (6:14)

6 – Firewalls

Just like protecting your computer with firewalls, in this video, you’ll learn how to protect your entire WordPress site and block out spambots. (4:47)

7 – Monitoring Your Files

This video explains how to monitor your files and get notified if someone edits your files without your permission. (5:19)

8 – WordPress Security Scanners

This video compares different WordPress security plugins, focusing on WordPress security scanners to detect malware on your site before it’s too late. (10:26)

WordPress Security Methods

In this video course, you will learn why WordPress websites get hacked and basic preventative measures you can take to secure your WordPress site.

1 – Intro – Is WordPress Secure?

In this video lesson, we explore the question “is WordPress a secure platform to build a web site?” (4:59)

2 – Backdoors

Learn what backdoors are and how to protect your WordPress site from potential risks and exposure to security exploits. (11:29)

3 – WordPress Webhosting

This video lesson explores the benefits of using WordPress webhosting to improve security. (9:38)

4 – Hide WordPress Login

In this video, you will learn how to use a simple plugin to hide your wp-admin login page. (3:28)

5 – WordPress Security Plugins

This video explores different WordPress security plugins you can use to protect and secure your WordPress site and what each of these plugins do. (5:26)

6 – WordPress 2-Step Factor Authentication

Learn how to improve your site’s security by adding two-step factor authentication using plugins. (4:34)

7 – WordPress Hotlink File Protection

Learn how to add hotlink protection to your WordPress site’s files through your webhosting. (5:17)

8 – WordPress Password Protection

This video covers basic password protection measures for your WordPress site and using password managers. (6:33)

Module 5 – Bonus WordPress Security Videos

An additional 33 WordPress security videos are included in this course. Although these videos were recorded using an earlier version of WordPress, many of the principles covered in these videos are still relevant to securing and protecting your website:

  1. WordPress Security – Intro (3:25)
  2. Password Management (1:50)
  3. Organizational Tips (2:13)
  4. Create A Secure MySQL Database (4:49)
  5. Install WordPress Securely – 1 (8:48)
  6. Configure wp-config.php (6:40)
  7. Install WordPress Securely – 2 (6:09)
  8. Configure Limit Login Plugin (3:18)
  9. Configure Akismet Plugin (4:57)
  10. Configure BulletProof Security Plugin (9:28)
  11. Protect Images From Hotlinking (2:39)
  12. Create An Admin Decoy (3:00)
  13. Configure SFTP (4:33)
  14. Change Database Username (10:25)
  15. Database Backup (5:30)
  16. Change Database Table Prefix (9:06)
  17. Create New Admin Username (5:23)
  18. Install File Monitor Plugin (8:07)
  19. WP BackUp Plugin (5:59)
  20. Install Backup Buddy (13:10)
  21. Change cPanel Password (1:35)
  22. Backup Buddy Site Restoration (11:09)
  23. Restore Database (3:50)
  24. Protect Content With CopyFeed Plugin (6:07)
  25. Install Chap Secure Login Plugin (3:25)
  26. Configure Robots.txt File (5:58)
  27. Install Bad Behavior Plugin (7:50)
  28. Stealth Login (5:42)
  29. Antivirus Plugin (3:11)
  30. Site Disaster Recovery Blueprint (1:35)
  31. Website Defender WordPress Plugin (6:46)
  32. Install Website Defender (6:54)
  33. Ultimate Security Checker Plugin (3:30)

Course Duration: 4 hours 11 minutes


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