WPMasterclasses.com News & Updates – December 2018

Some really big changes are looming on the horizon for WordPress in 2019 (see below) and we’ve been quite busy trying to digest all that’s been happening.

Here are the latest updates to WPMasterclasses.com’s WordPress & digital business training videos:

WordPress Gutenberg Content Editor – New Videos

WordPress 5.0, due for release soon, will introduce a completely new content publishing experience for WordPress users with a brand new content editor …

(New WordPress Gutenberg Content Editor. Image: wordpress.org/gutenberg)

Named ‘Gutenberg’ (after the inventor of the printing press), the new content editor will eventually replace the current editor (now referred to as the WordPress ‘Classic’ editor).

We have added a new training module and 5 new videos to the WordPress 101 video course that explains what’s new, what will happen to your existing content when your site is updated to WordPress 5.0, and how Gutenberg is going to change the content publishing process in WordPress:

  • New vs Old WordPress Content Editor – This video compares the pre-WordPress 5.0 content editor (now referred to as the ‘Classic’ editor) with the new WordPress Gutenberg content editor. (2:50)
  • WordPress Gutenberg Editor Tour – This video provides a tour of the WordPress Gutenberg content editor and its main features. (4:54)
  • Content Publishing Post WordPress 5.0 – The Gutenberg content editor will eventually replace the WordPress ‘Classic’ editor.  This video explains how this change affects content publishing in WordPress post version 5.0. (5:01)
  • How To Disable The Gutenberg Content Editor – Until the Gutenberg content editor becomes widely adopted by all WordPress users, WordPress allows you to disable the Gutenberg editor and continue using the pre v. 5.0 content editor. This video shows you how to do this. (5:50)
  • Gutenberg: More Tools And Options Feature – Gutenberg introduces a new feature called ‘More Tools & Options.’ This video explains what this new feature does and how to use it. (7:14)

These videos can be accessed here: WordPress 101: How To Use WordPress

What’s New In WordPress Version 5.0

We have also added a new video covering what’s new in WordPress 5.0, which is due for release very soon. The video has been added to the ‘New Features’ training module of our ‘Build A WordPress Site … Fast!‘ video course.

Here a sneak peak of what’s coming in WordPress 5.0:

After the official release of WordPress 5.0, we will create detailed screenshot tutorials about the new editor to accompany the Gutenberg videos.

How To Add Your WordPress Site To Your Facebook Page – Updated Videos

Did you know that you can add your WordPress site to your Facebook page? If you run an e-commerce site, for example, millions of Facebook users can browse and order your products without even leaving Facebook!

Here’s our WordPress site on our Facebook page …

Add Your WordPress Site To Facebook

(Add your WordPress site to Facebook)

We’ve updated a number of videos in our ‘How To Add A WordPress Site To Facebook‘ video course to reflect recent changes made by Facebook in the way that apps are set up.

Complete step-by-step video instructions on how to add your WordPress site to Facebook can be found in this course.

Improve Your Digital Business Skills And Become A Better WordPress User In 2019

WPMasterclasses.com - All Access Pass Membership

(All Access Pass Membership)

WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg content editor are only the beginning of massive changes that WordPress plans to introduce in the coming months to help non-techies get more from their sites without having to become web developers.

We’ve been educating, teaching, and training non-techies to use WordPress since 2011 with seminars, workshops, online courses and tutorials (and some exciting new surprises coming in early 2019).

If you run a business or plan to start one in the future, one of the best decisions you can make to remain competitive in the global digital economy is to invest in your digital business education by learning how WordPress can help your business grow faster and get better results online, with minimal cost involved, and with no coding skills required.

Our ‘ALL ACCESS PASS’ membership can help you achieve this by providing you with the most affordable and comprehensive WordPress training available for non-technical users.

As a WPMasterclasses.com member, you get 24/7 access to dozens of WordPress and Digital Business video courses (including all existing and future courses) anytime you need help. We have already added over 1,000 video lessons to our training library and will be adding more next year. The videos are organized in logical sequence and many include links to accompanying detailed screenshot tutorials, downloadable files, and additional resources.

To purchase the ‘All Access Pass’ membership, go here: ‘All Access Pass’ Membership

Wishing you a prosperous and successful 2019!

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