Improve Your Digital Business Skills – WordPress Video Courses

Improve Your Digital Business Skills – WordPress Video Courses

  • Improve Your Digital Business Skills - WordPress Video CoursesDoes your website run on WordPress?
  • Do members of your team or staff need digital skills training to help you manage and grow your business online?
  • Would you like to know how to get faster, cheaper, and better results online than you are getting right now? can help you with all of the above!

Our growing library of digital training video courses cover all areas of using WordPress to help you build and manage your website, and grow your online presence. From installing, configuring, testing, customizing, backing up, managing, optimizing, and securing your WordPress site, to gaining competence in basic digital business skills like:

  • How To Use FTP to upload files from your computer to your server,
  • Using cPanel to manage your webhosting and email,
  • Using Amazon S3 to store your backups, web content and media files in the cloud,
  • Using Aweber to run email marketing campaigns,
  • And a whole lot more …

We’ll even show you how to set up membership sites, e-commerce sites, multisite networks, and forums on your WordPress site.

Check out our growing library of WordPress and digital business video courses below:

Why Choose

Most businesses get their sites built by techies (e.g. web developers), but they are run by non-techies.

What this means, is that after you get your site built, you then have to:

  • Keep paying other people to do things for you,
  • Wait around for other people to do things for you,
  • Depend on other people to do things for you,
  • Find other people to do things for you when those you depend on to get things done aren’t available.

Our goal is to not only teach you (and your staff) how to get basic, simple things done that will save you a lot of time and money, but to also empower you to take control of your digital presence so you don’t end up becoming a ‘hostage’ of technical experts and outsourced service providers.

WordPress is an amazing digital vehicle. We’ll give you the keys so you can drive your vehicle anywhere you choose to go!

We give you the keys to drive your digital vehicle!

When you know how to use WordPress, you can build just about anything you can imagine online without technical skills required and at minimal cost.

And we’re here to help you do just that!

Benefits Of Video Courses

1 – Hundreds Of Video Tutorials

At, you will find dozens of professionally-recorded video courses and hundreds (soon to be thousands) of video lessons … all at affordable prices!

We regularly add new video courses (and new video lessons and updated content to existing courses) to make this site your ‘one-stop’ WordPress video training center.

2 – Organized Video Content Library

The World Wide Web is the biggest information library in the known universe. The problem is that all the information contained in it is like books that have been scattered everywhere and stacked all over the place in no particular order …

Sam enters the Citadel Library, GoT Season 6 by Kieran Belshaw

(Why search the Seven Kingdoms for a course? It’s right here on!)


Sure, you can find free WordPress tutorials on YouTube, but … good luck! You’ll spend hours looking for what you need and miss out on learning what you don’t know that you don’t know about WordPress!

Our video courses are designed not only to work as self-contained training modules, but if you still need more information after watching the videos, most video lessons also include links to additional information like detailed step-by-step written WordPress tutorials (with loads of screenshots to guide you), downloadable files, templates, and guides, plus bonuses and other resources.

3 – What You Need To Know When You Need To Know It … 24/7

Our video courses are available online 24/7, allowing you (and your staff or team members) to learn as much as you need to know, at your own pace and in your own time.

4 – Access All Video Courses For One Low Annual Subscription - All Access Pass Membership

(All Access Pass Membership)

You can purchase video courses individually, or sign up for our ‘All Access Pass’ membership, and get access to ALL video courses (new and existing) in our training library for one low annual membership subscription.

For more details, go here: ‘All Access Pass’ Membership

5 – Built And Run By A Non-Techie For Non-Techies is entirely built and run by a non-techie WordPress user with no web coding skills (learn more here). As stated earlier, our mission is to empower non-techies to have complete control of their digital presence and we are proof that it can be done!

We know that any business run by non-techies can look after their own digital presence and get most things done themselves faster and cheaper once they learn how to use WordPress, because that how we do it here too … we’re a product of the product and our courses will show you how you can do it too (while shaving years off your learning curve)!

What Digital Skill Do You Want To Learn Today?

Imagine how much more your business will achieve when your team becomes empowered with digital skills and can get things done faster and easier in-house without having to keep going back-and-forth and waiting around for website developers, web designers, and digital marketers to get back to you when you needed things done ‘yesterday’ … that’s what can offer you!

Don’t delay … get started today! Go here to view all of our current video courses, or subscribe now to our ‘All Access Pass’ Membership to access all existing and future courses and lock your subscription in at the lowest price you’ll ever get!

Whichever way you choose to go, make sure to subscribe below and we’ll keep you updated when new courses become available!

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