Twitter Marketing


Learn how to market and promote your business online using Twitter.

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Twitter Marketing

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Number of Lessons: 21

Course Duration: 1 hour 21 minutes

Course ID: WPMC-0047

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Twitter Marketing

Learn how to market and promote your business online using Twitter.

This video course includes downloadable guides and links to additional resources.

Course Content

Module 1 – Twitter Timeline Advertising

This training module focuses on how to drive targetted traffic from Twitter with ads that appear on user’s Twitter timelines. After watching the videos in this module, you will know how to effectively create and launch Twitter ad campaigns for your business.

1 – Overview

This video provides an overview of the lessons covered in this training module. (0:35)

2 – Twitter Ad Campaign Objectives

This video covers Twitter ad campaign objectives and campaign details. (7:28)

3 – Twitter Ad Groups & Campaign Targetting

In this video, you will learn about creating Twitter ad groups and targetting features. (5:51)

4 – How To Create An Ad And Launch Your Campaign

This video walks you through the process of creating a Twitter ad and launching your campaign. (3:43)

Module 2 – Twittter Ads

This training module covers the basics of using Twitter Advertising.

1 – Introduction To Twitter Marketing

Learn about the benefits and advantages of marketing your business online with Twitter ads. (3:53)

2 – Establishing Twitter Ad Goals

Learn how to set goals for your Twitter ad marketing campaigns. (4:51)

3 – Twitter Ad Campaign Creation

Learn about Twitter Ad Campaign types. (7:47)

4 – Analyze, Optimize & Retarget

Learn how to improve your Twittter ad results by analyzing and optimizing your ad’s performance and using retargeting strategies. (5:32)

Module 3 – Twitter Marketing

In this training module, you will learn how to get started with Twitter, grow your social media presence on the platform, and achieve your marketing objectives.

1 – Getting Started With Twitter

This video covers the main reasons why you should consider using Twitter to market and promote your business online. (4:15)

2 – Commencing Your Twitter Operations

Learn how to start your marketing activities on Twitter the right way. (2:18)

3 – Expanding Your Following On Twitter

This video covers ways to grow your Twitter following. (1:52)

4 – Achieving Campaign ROI

This video walks you through the principles you should follow to implement an effective marketing plan on Twitter. (3:22)

Module 4 – Twitter Marketing Basics

This training module covers the basics of marketing your business on Twitter.

1 – Introduction To Twitter Marketing

This video provides an introduction to Twitter and why you should market your business on this platform. (5:02)

2 – What’s A Twitter Page

Learn about the function and features of your Twitter Page. (2:13)

3 – The 7 Steps To Twitter Success

This video provides an outline of the 7 steps to marketing success on Twitter and explores the first step. (4:08)

4 – Creating Your Twitter Page

Learn how to create an effective Twitter Page for your business. (1:26)

5 – Your Twitter Profile

Learn how to optimize your Twitter profile for maximum traffic. (3:21)

6 – Tweeting

Learn how to get the word out about your business on Twitter. (2:31)

7 – Twitter Marketing Tools

This video explores a range of powerrful tools for leveraging your marketing efforts on Twitter. (5:24)

8 – Getting More Followers On Twitter

Learn how to get more followers on Twitter. (3:33)

9 – Duplicate Success

This video shows you how to duplicate other successful businesses on twitter by mimicking the masters. (1:59)

Course Duration: 1 hour 21 minutes

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